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FunnelSource makes forecasting a breeze for both sales reps and management! We can now easily see where reps are throughout the month/quarter/year both in terms of pipeline coverage and quota attainment. This degree of transparency with such little effort makes this a really worthwhile investment. Our reps use FunnelSource every single day as well as during our 1:1s.

From the moment we installed FunnelSource, we gained new insights into our pipeline. Our executive staff relies on the app for regular reporting and easy-to-digest information to make important business decisions. The level of support we receive is unparalleled, with quick response times and great flexibility in supporting our needs.

We’ve used FunnelSource for three years and it has completely transformed our ability to manage our sales opportunity pipeline to make informed decisions. Highly recommend!

We’ve been using FunnelSource for several months. It’s one of the easiest-to-use tools we’ve found for viewing pipeline and navigating the opportunities in Salesforce. We plan on expanding the use of the tool to more parts of our business. FunnelSource replaces most of the functionality we previously got from dashboards. Also, the support is amazing!

FunnelSource has given us the ability to consolidate our sales tools into a single application, saving time and money. I highly recommend it to any sales organization looking to better understand their business and improve decision making.

FunnelSource is an easy-to-use tool that gives you fast visibility into performance to plan, which deals make up your number, and where you are in the month, quarter, or year. The product JUST WORKS — and from the moment we installed it, we began seeing results. Our management uses a few different tools, but this is the one we’ve deployed to all reps and management worldwide due to its intuitive interface and effectiveness in tracking performance.

FunnelSource has transformed how we review, report on, and manage funnel at CoreSite. Our sales professionals utilize the tool daily to monitor activity and drive discussions with sales leadership around funnel health, forecasting, and deal accuracy.

FunnelSource has been one of the great success stories for our organization. Incredibly fast setup gave us insights we never had before — all in the same week we signed the contract! We had struggled for months with Salesforce reporting & dashboards to get what FunnelSource provides out-of-the-box.

FunnelSource is extremely customizable forecasting tool that lets your sales team track their closed and open opportunities against quota. You can segment your forecast anyway you like – e.g. product line, territory, closed opportunities, created opportunities. It’s easy to install and configure. Customer support is very responsive.

This is the fourth company I’ve brought FunnelSource into — it’s scary to experience how lost I am without it. The fingertip access to my team’s accounts and opportunities provides the agility I need to proactively manage the pipeline and forecast. I simply cannot run an effective, efficient business without this app.

I cannot speak highly enough of FunnelSource. Its design is incredibly simple, intuitive, and most importantly, FAST. Even our reps use it, and any tool that a sales rep uses on their own volition without outside encouragement from management speaks for itself.

NetPlus has used FunnelSource to integrate our entire sales process into one clear dashboard. It has become the go-to starting point of our sales meetings with detailed information quickly available for drill down on targets, achievement, and pipeline. Prior to using FunnelSource our sales meetings bounced from Salesforce to spreadsheets that took a lot of manual manipulation.

FunnelSource is an excellent pipeline management and forecasting app for Salesforce. It drives more efficient one-on-one coaching calls by focusing participants on a standardized real-time view of the funnel. Since implementing, we’ve found our reps are much better prepared for their weekly reviews.

FunnelSource is an important piece to maintaining our phenomenal growth. We use the tool each and every day to monitor the health of our pipeline and analyze trends in size and frequency of monthly orders.

This is the third company I’ve brought FunnelSource into to help me manage my team and forecast. The app gives leadership the visibility it needs and it helps the team proactively manage opportunities and stay focused on hitting targets. The value added to native Salesforce is massive.

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