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Forecast Accurately &

Drive Revenue

FunnelSource is a top-rated app built natively on the Salesforce platform. For the past 15 years we’ve helped customers maximize forecast accuracy, crush revenue targets, and win more deals.

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Predictable revenue. Quarter after quarter.

Drive revenue growth through repeatable, winning pipeline management practices. Use FunnelSource to align your team with a single source of truth, with full transparency and accountability across your entire sales organization. 

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Say goodbye to countless reports and dashboards.

Transform your sales reporting with our single-screen view designed to drive efficient pipeline management and improved data integrity — leading to a forecast you can trust.

Make forecasting accurate and easy.

Accurate forecasting without the spreadsheets. Able to handle the complexity of multiple products or revenue streams. Quickly drill into managers and reps to assess the accuracy of their numbers.

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See the true state of your forecast.

Get a real-time view of what’s changed in your forecast over any time period. See where you were last month or quarter compared to today. Dig into the deals that caused your number to shift.

Maximize the potential of your sales organization.

For Sales Reps

Reps are paid to win, not sift through data. So give them a no-nonsense, quota-centric view designed for how they think. Boost data integrity and accountability where it matters most.

For Sales Leaders

Give leadership a real-time view of the funnel to manage proactively and hold reps to task. Improve pipeline health and forecast accuracy by exposing issues today, before it’s too late.

For Sales Ops

From day one, FunnelSource gives immediate insights into the many challenges facing sales organizations. Say goodbye to multiple dashboards, endless reports, and static Excel files.

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