Single-Screen Visibility

See your opportunity funnel come to life in one screen that replaces countless dashboards, reports, and static Excel files.

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Single-Screen Opportunity Management

One screen to replace countless dashboards and reports. Get everyone's eyes on the same page to improve communication and accountability.

Update Deals on the Fly

Make it easy for your sales team to view and update opportunities in real time. Inline edit directly from our table to improve efficiency and drive adoption.

Track Quota Attainment

View performance-to-quota across any time period for both teams and individual reps. Support for revenue targets as well as pipeline creation goals.

Mass-Assign Quotas

Assign multiple targets to reps by opportunity type, vertical, product, and more. Upload goals via Excel. All historical targets are stored in Salesforce for future reference.

Understand Pipeline Evolution

View how the pipeline is changing across any time period. See what’s being pushed-out and pulled-in, what amounts are changing, and more.

Businesses serious about selling rely on FunnelSource.

“I cannot speak highly enough of FunnelSource. Its design is incredibly simple, intuitive, and most importantly, FAST. Even our reps use it, and any tool that a sales rep uses on their own volition without outside encouragement from management speaks for itself.”

—Revenue Operations Manager, LeadGenius

“FunnelSource is an important piece to maintaining our phenomenal growth. We use the tool each and every day to monitor the health of our pipeline and analyze trends in size and frequency of monthly orders.”

—Dir. Planning, Restoration Hardware

“FunnelSource has simplified our forecasting and pipeline reviews. The app picks up where Salesforce leaves off offering more intuitive analysis. We rely on it for all forecasting discussions and it does not let us down.”

—Sr. Manager Worldwide Sales Operations, Malwarebytes

“This is the fourth company I have brought FunnelSource into — it’s scary to experience how lost I am without the app. I simply cannot run an effective, efficient business without it.”

—SVP Sales, Illusive Networks

“FunnelSource has given us a simple but highly effective tool to quickly and easily manage opportunities. It’s the one application that has transformed funnel management and given us an overview into our business.”

—Dir. of Finance, Navicure, Inc.