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Introducing Funnelsource
Alternative to Clari

Are you ready to revolutionize your sales process and take your Salesforce experience to new heights? Look no further than Funnelsource, the ultimate solution built exclusively for Salesforce users. In a world where efficiency and precision are paramount, Funnelsource stands out as the game-changer that empowers your sales team to thrive.

Why Funnelsource?

Here are just a few key reasons why FunnelSource is better than the competition:

Tailored for Salesforce:

Funnelsource is not just another sales tool— it’s a seamless extension of your Salesforce platform. Designed with Salesforce users in mind, Funnelsource integrates seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and natural workflow for your team. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and embrace a tool that complements your Salesforce environment effortlessly.

Unmatched Visibility:

Gain unparalleled insights into your sales pipeline with Funnelsource. Our advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provide real-time visibility, enabling your team to make data-driven decisions. Track every stage of the sales funnel, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your strategies for maximum impact.

Intuitive User Interface:

Funnelsource understands the importance of user experience. Our intuitive interface is easy to navigate, ensuring that your team can focus on what they do best— closing deals. Minimize training time and maximize productivity with a tool that is as user-friendly as it is powerful.


forecast accuracy


increase in win rate


reduction in sales cycle


time to value

  • 100% native to Salesforce No latency or batching - all data is real-time
  • Single Sign-On Use Salesforce credentials to access FunnelSource
  • High user adoption Standardize how the sales organization views and manages opportunity data
  • Flexible quota management Assign targets to reps by opportunity type, vertical, product, and more – all inside Salesforce
  • Custom-tailored KPIs Gain critical insights from the key metrics that drive revenue
  • No security overlays Leverage Salesforce's trusted security model
  • Seamless Salesforce integration Automatically inherit changes to your Salesforce setup – no support tickets required
  • Get up and running in 60 minutes And get configured, trained, and go-live in under a week
  • Official AppExchange partner Over 15 years on the AppExchange with 150+ five star reviews
  • Fraction of the cost of competing solutions

Why Customers Love FunnelSource

“I cannot speak highly enough of FunnelSource. Its design is incredibly simple, intuitive, and most importantly, FAST. Even our reps use it and any tool that a sales rep uses on their own volition without outside encouragement from management speaks for itself.”

Revenue Operations Manager, LeadGenius

“FunnelSource is an important piece to maintaining our phenomenal growth. We use the tool each and every day to monitor the health of our pipeline and analyze trends in size and frequency of monthly orders.”

Dir. Planning, Restoration Hardware

“FunnelSource has simplified our forecasting and pipeline reviews. The app picks up where Salesforce leaves off offering more intuitive analysis. We rely on it for all forecasting discussions and it does not let us down.”

Sr. Manager Worldwide Sales Operations, Malwarebytes

“FunnelSource has given us a simple but highly effective tool to quickly and easily manage opportunities. It’s the one application that has transformed funnel management and given us an overview into our business.”

Dir. of Finance, Navicure, Inc.

“This is the fourth company I have brought FunnelSource into — it’s scary to experience how lost I am without the app. I simply cannot run an effective, efficient business without it.”

SVP Sales, Illusive Networks

FunnelSource Makes These Roles Happy

Community-designed best practice for every person in the revenue function.

Revenue Operations

Rev Ops and Sales Ops leaders and up-and-comers

  • Build repeatable process
  • Scale your funnel
  • Deliver reports on time, every time

Revenue Leadership

Team leads, VP Sales, CROs and CEO

  • Generate forecasts you can trust
  • Own your strategy with data-driven tactics
  • Visualise and track KPIs

Revenue Professionals

SDRs and AEs

  • Be CEO of your own business
  • Simulate your journey to quota
  • Plan for quarter-to-quarter consistency

Make the Switch to Funnelsource Today

Elevate your Salesforce experience with Funnelsource—a tool designed exclusively for those who demand excellence. Say goodbye to the limitations of generic sales solutions and embrace a tailored, powerful tool that aligns seamlessly with your Salesforce platform.

Meetings Made Easy

No more analysing sales data and building reports.
Our award-winning Customer Success Team will guide you through how to power best in SaaS meetings with our real-time interactive dashboards.

Forecast Calls

We bring in a repeatable workflow across the organisation that is tailored to your reps and easy to follow.

Pipeline Reviews

This is critical for any successful organisation. We highlight all of the “bad deals” and help you cleanse your pipeline.

Board Meetings

Our pre-templated board packs are dynamic and used by our customers during funding rounds.

1-2-1 Coaching

We want to see your reps go to the next level. We provide the tools so they can proactively change the way they run their territory.

How We Work

We don't ask you to change the way you use your CRM. We map FunnelSource to your existing processes and enhance your sales teams experience.


We plug into your CRM.


We analyse every deal you've ever won or lost understanding the characteristics of each.


We compare this data to your live pipeline.


You get accurate, reliable insights.

Ready To Revolutionize Your Sales Funnel?

Make the switch to Funnelsource and experience a new era of sales efficiency and success. Your Salesforce journey just got a whole lot better.